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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Power of Words: The Magic They Produce.

Recently I've been working on presence and self awareness as it relates to how people perceive you. I've come to the conclusion that outside of how one dresses or carries them self,  a big 25-65% of how one is perceived is determined by how one speaks, and what they speak about. That means that from head to toe you may dress the part, walk the part, and essentially look the part; but once you open your mouth you may have lost the part. Inversely however, you may essentially come off as completely unworthy of acknowledgement UNTIL you actually start speaking and in that there is great power; not only for perceptions sake but also had the need arise for you to be a chameleon.

A chameleon is an animal known to blend into its surroundings by being able to change the color of its body to whatever colors in nature it's most frequently around. Being a "social chameleon" (the act of being able to communicate in a myriad of environments with different people) is an acquired skill but a useful one. Being able to talk to one group of people at a level that relates to them and makes them feel comfortable, then being able to switch it up and speak to a group a people that demands a totally different caliber of language and articulation is not something that most people have a desire to do or even  find easy.

But I digress...

Recently I got a tattoo of Arabic lettering above it's English translation that reads "I SEEK REFUGE IN ALLAH FROM SATAN THE ACCURSED".  I have to admit that in standing there showing the tattoo artist the design I felt a slight air of discomfort and judgement. Here I am, some young guy with visible tattoos and a fitted cap on asking for another tattoo in Arabic..."Oh he must be one of those mooslems" had to be a thought as I was immediately asked "Are you Muslim?" Which led into a variety of questions and my poised, non defensive answers that concluded in the man saying,  "Nicely stated young man" to which I thought to myself f*ck yea! #winning (who got that Charlie Sheen reference?)

 I was raised in Islam, I love Islam, and I live in accordance with the foundation Islam has provided me, but I do NOT call myself Muslim. I got this tattoo however because it is a phrase I use everyday, multiple times a day in seeking the protection of a higher being against any and all entities that may threaten me. Against myself, the master of my actions, and against any destructive force that may come my way.  It's in a language that I do not speak but have been taught to pray in. They are some of the most powerful words I know. 

 Taking a sharp turn down mystical lane, in most all forms of magick, worship, or otherwise reverence based activities there are 3 stages. Conscious collection of a thought, the conscious direction of that thought in the form of will, and the projection of that thought/will through SPOKEN WORD and physical actions. That being said, words are a necessary point in the manifestation of ANYTHING in this material world and thus should be used with careful intent and caution. Not only due to the power present in influencing how you are perceived, but also due to the power present in influencing reality as a whole.

I want to close by saying some of the worlds most powerful and influential people are indeed magicians of a sort. They move and shape spirits, moods, loyalties, entire lives with their words. They exemplify the quintessence of all that magick is; willful influence of one's environment. I don't think that the only thing separating man from animals is intellect because I believe animals to have quite the intellect. I believe the separation to exist in man's ability to declare and exclaim! Be! and what follows is creation.

Watch your words my friends!